Thomas Maier


  • Founder and CEO of webgilde GmbH and Advanced Ads GmbH
  • Master of Central European Studies obtained at the Andrassy University Budapest / Hungary
  • Bachelor of Arts in Polonistics and Communication Science obtained at the University of Greifswald / Germany
  • Trainings in project management, rhethoric, basic legal studies, basic economical studies, presentation, diverse cultural trainings and language courses, authorised to keep a gastronomy business (you never know)
  • Languages: German (native), English (fluent), Slovak (fluent in speaking), Polish (diclining), Russian (wouldn't get lost), Hungarian (egy kicsit)
  • Aside from Germany, I used to live in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

My profiles in the web

current activities

  • Advanced AdsAdvanced Ads – a WordPress plugin to manage and optimize ads on your site.
  • the company I founded for my own projects, platforms and cooperations.
  • gruenderstory is a German blog about my experiences as an entrepreneur.
  • Umsonstladen Greifswald a social-political shop to exchange products you don't need anymore, but someone else might

former activities

  • a German word generator for Scrabble that I build after I wasn't able to find the right words...
  • an Englisch word generator for Scrabble based on its German equivalent
  • Web developer for WordPress and Magento. I know a couple of tricks with PHP, jQuery, Magento and Wordpress.
  • member of the Student's Committee at the University of Greifswald
  • Alko-Checker a project funded by the European Union to inform about the impact of alcohol for teenagers
  • Lerntrips a project to organise field trips with environmental education for schools
  • voluntary services in the field of environmental education at De Käwer e.V. (Greifswald, Germany) and ODE Źródła (Łódź, Poland)
Thomas Maier
Location: Greifswald (northeast of Germany)